What is Medical Transcription?

MT ChatMedical transcription is an art of transcribing medical records from the recorded voice of physicians. This voice is recorded in digital formats and then transferred electronically to the medical transcription company, in-house MT, or MTs working as telecommuting employees for converting them into electronic documents. In US, it is mandatory that physicians record their interaction with the patient, further follow-ups, and complete procedure note if any performed. They need to submit this information to insurance companies to get the claims as well as to maintain the health record of the patient.

Learning medical transcription is a little bit difficult thing and takes time to become perfect in it. It does not need you to have advanced medical degree or huge fees. Learning medical transcription needs learning and memorizing a huge list of medical words, drugs, procedures and good English grammar and sentence formation as well as following guidelines set forth for transcribing medical records. MT can take help of the electronic medical dictionaries, drug dictionaries, English dictionaries, and transcription guidelines in electronic format to refer to from time to time.

Medical transcription is a well paid, stressless, and enjoyable job. There are good opportunities for medical transcriptionists in US, India, Philippines, and few other countries. This field offers flexible hours at work and also an option to work from home.

US Department of Labor states that there are 98,000 MTs in the year 2006 and it has forecasted the numbers to be 112,000 in the year 2016. Also, it states that the median hourly rate for MT is $14.40 in May 2006.

Download a copy of “About Medical Transcription” a guide to medical transcription career By AHDI.

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